01-Percy Davis
Manteca, CA to Houston, TX
Right leg amputated

Claude & Melissa Lucas-02&03
Roanoke, VA to Springtown, TX
Accident - broken leg

04-James GoForth
Las Vegas, NV to Elroy, MI
Heart attack

Charles & Charlene Wooster-05&06
Salt Lake City, UT to Kinder, LA
Colon cancer

07&08-Jim & Jane Toof
Calhoun, GA to Hampton, NE
Cyst on liver

James & Barbara Hartman-09&10
Savannah, GA to Allentown, PA
Accident - broken neck

11-Freeman Bowser
Lufkin, TX to Pittsburg, PA
Accident - Heart attack

Richard Brown-12
Knoxville, TN to Oklahoma City, OK

13-Stephen Brown
Tallahassee, FL to Chatsworth, GA
Accident - Broken pelvis

Bill Wroten-14
Ontario, CA to Gridley, CA
Heart attack

15&16-John Laird
N Little Rock, AR to Hammond, LA
Accident - Multiple injuries

David & Doris Dunn-17&18
Newark, NJ to Columbus, GA
Accident -  Surgery on both knees
19,20,21,22,23-Randy Phillips & Family
Laredo, TX to Altus, OK
Stroke Victim

Tyrone Emig-24
Tulsa, OK to York, PA
Heart attack

25&26-David & Sharron Cross
Springdale, AR to Frostproof, FL
Heart disease

Thomas Smith-27
Cleveland, OH to West Monroe, LA
Heart attack

28&29-Roy & Pennie Carreon
Harrisburg, PA to  Buna, TX
Heart attack







(Photo not available)

Joe & Adiatia Drago-30&31
Columbus, OH to Chalmette, LA
Surgery - Right knee


32-Pixie Gonzales
Tulsa, OK to Stockton, CA
Accident Quadriplegic
Robert & Robbie Haycraft-33&34
Elk City, OK to Nashville, TN
Gall Bladder Disease
35,36,37&38-Ralph & Cassandra Hitchcock
Lubbock, TX to Gonzales, LA
Accident - Multiple Injuries
Randall & Kristi Scott & Family-39,40,41&42
Pittston, PA to Mineral Wells, TX
Injuries - Broken Right Ankle
43&44-Joe Sheridan
Irvine, CA to Bossier City, LA
Injuries - Broken Ribs etc
Grant Crane-45
Chino, CA to Fruitland Park, FL
Heart Attack
46&47-Cory & Linda Bettencort
Fishersville, VA to Dothan, AL
Injuries Leg
Ron Cook-48
Crossville, TN to Grand Island, NE
Heart Attack
49-Trula Land
Greenville, SC to Levelland, TX
Injuries Feet
Paul Mulligan-50
Columbia, SC to Newport, CA
Injuries - Collar Bone & Ribs
51&52-Amy & Bryant Goldsmith
Ft Worth, TX to Cleveland, OH
Surgery - Water on the brain
Amy & Bryant Goldsmith-53&54
Cleveland, OH to Sulphur Springs, TX
Surgery - Water on the brain
55&56-Bob Schnieder
Greenville, SC to Midland, MI
Accident - Heart Attack
Carol Harrington-57&58
Meridian, MS to Ft Wayne, FL
Accident Injuries

59&60-Calvin Christian
Hillsville, PA to Tenaha, TX
Accident Injuries
Ollie Odom-61&62
Dothan, AL to Boyd, TX
Heart Attack

63,64&65-Jesse Caverness
Cincinnati, OH to Baton Rouge, LA
Stroke Victim

David & Peggy Brock-66,67,68&69
Laredo, TX to Tazewell, TN
Accident Injuries

70,71&72-Carroll Hodgeson
Memphis, TN to Gonzales, LA
Gunshot Victim

Harold Owens-73
Amarillo, TX to Tulsa, OK
Injury Leg

74&75-Larry Van Kirk
Tulsa, OK to Danville, PA
Heart Attack

Brandon & Sarah Calhoun-76&77
Grand Rapids, MI to Glenville, GA
Injury Accident

78-Chris Atkiss
W Burlington, IA to New Bern, NC
Injury - Broken Leg

Timothy Stevens-79
Waterloo, IA to Amarillo, TX
Injury - Lost Toes on Left Foot

80,81,82,83,84&85-Cathy Wallace Family
Oklahoma City, OK to Tampa, FL
Death - family relocated
George Turner-86
Harrisburg, PA to Dierks, AR
Stroke Victim
87-Mark Downs
Marysville, OH to Little Rock, AR
Injury - Broken Foot
Mark Lively-88
Longmont, CO to Dublin, TX
Accident Injuries
89-Lisa Lively
Longmont, CO to Dublin, TX
Accident Injuries
Vernon Cornish-90
Philadelphia, PA to Springfield, MO
Illness - Heart Disease
91-Gene Smith
Louisville, KY to Ft Worth, TX
Illness - Heart Disease
Raymond Allred-92,93&94
Peoria IL to Preston, MS
Stroke Victim

95,96,97&98-John Weeks
Las Vegas, NV to Corpus Christi, TX
Stroke Victim

Bill Baker-99
Las Cruces, NM to Pearland, TX
Stroke Victim
100-Neal Harville
Lufkin, TX to Houston
Eye surgery
Neal Harville-101
Houston, TX to Lufkin, TX
Eye surgery
102-Ken Hart
Dallas, TX to Richmond, IN
Accident Injuries
Robert Brown-103
Dubuque, IA to Leeds, AL
Medical Catheter
104&105-Dan Wooldridge
Scranton, PA to Colorado Springs, CO
Accident Injuries
David Gilland-106
Hammond, LA to Nettleton, MS
Medical Stroke
107-Dennis Storrie
Missoula, MT to Springfield, MO
Accident Injuries
John & Michelle Wittersheim-108&109
Dallas, TX to Macomb, MI
Accident - Heart Attack
110&111-Philip & Yvonne Deel
San Angelo, TX to Fort Worth, TX
Medical - Heart Attack

Janice Avery-112
Chicopee, MA to Madison, AL
Medical Stroke


113&114-Raymond & Carolyn Hole

Murfreesboro, TN to Springfield, MO

ACL Ligament Damage


116-Rusty Owens

Lancaster, TX to Haltom City, TX

Shoulder Replacement


Josh Feather-115

Texarkana, TX to Olive Branch, MS

Knee Damage

JoeLopez.JPGJoe (Rocky) Lopez-117

Dallas, TX to Austin, TX

Foot Stone bruise




Services Provided














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TransAlive USA provides medical evacuation when travel needs are greater than standard modes, i.e. commercial plane, train, or bus. Traveling public members with critical medical needs are transported to and from airports by ambulance. They are then flown to the destination of choice.


Doctors and nurses are provided for critical medical evacuations.  As a member, all of these expenses are provided free.   Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Commercial fees for medical evacuations can run between $50,000 and $75,000.  Air Ambulance program driver memberships are only $240 per year. Family memberships are available for $335 per year.


All services are free to members. Membership is required for the Air Ambulance.


For memberships call cell phone number 817-320-0567 for more information and to enroll by phone.

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