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TransAlive Renders Recovery Aid

for the Columbia Space Shuttle 2003

Working with the Red Cross

Working with the Texas Baptist Men

Used as a Command Center

Serving as Lodging for Volunteers

Helped with Food Serving Line

Monitoring Field Officers

Helped with ERV serving food

Interacting with Mounted Patrol



Nacogdoches, TX.  The AmCoach arrived in Nacogdoches, TX February 4th after being assigned by the Central Recovery Unit in Lufkin, TX.  With the lack of accommodations available in the area, it was immediately placed into service providing sleeping space.  The AmCoach provided warm and dry accommodations in the cold weather prevalent in the area.


During the day, the AmCoach was used by the Red Cross as a central command point for dispatching their Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV) to the various areas for feeding the law enforcement officers and the volunteers searching for debris from the Columbia space craft.  As the weather deteriorated from being cold to sleet and then rain, it was the perfect vehicle for providing comfort and warmth to the local officials of the Red Cross.


Bob Hataway, Chaplain and Director of Field Operations for the AmCoach, provided on site counseling for those who were having to cope with death at the sight of every piece of debris.  Further, some of the volunteers, having left their families at home, experienced emergencies that required chaplaincy services which were provided by the AmCoach Chaplains.


Other uses of the AmCoach made available during the recovery of the debris included working with law enforcement as a mobile command center as they coordinated the search teams into the piney woods of East Texas.  Coffee was available along with the counseling services for the officers in the field.  With the AmCoach being mobile and enclosed to the elements, it was praised for its service and availability.


The AmCoach was commissioned as a disaster relief unit after having worked the World Trade Center on 911.  When not under dispatch it is available for national disasters and represents the transportation industry.  It has the capacity of being able to go at a moment’s notice to any part of the United States and serve those who are working the disasters faced by our nation.


The AmCoach is an extension of the Caring in Action Program provided by TransAlive USA.  TransAlive USA is an organization that assists drivers and their families who face adversity on the highway through their volunteers that cover every zip code cross the country.  More information may be gained by going to their website

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TransAlive USA provides medical evacuation when travel needs are greater than standard modes, i.e. commercial plane, train, or bus.  Traveling public members with critical medical needs are transported to and from airports by ambulance.  They are then flown to the destination of choice.


Doctors and nurses are provided for critical medical evacuations.  As a member, all of these expenses are provided free.   Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Commercial fees for medical evacuations can run between $50,000 and $75,000.  Air Ambulance program driver memberships are only $240 per year.  Family memberships are available for $335 per year.  Rates subject to change.  Call for confirmation. 


All services are free to members.  Membership is required for the Air Ambulance.


For memberships – call cell phone number 817-320-0567 for more information and to enroll by phone.

You will receive an email enrollment confirmation until you receive your official membership packet in the mail.


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