TransAlive Brings Relief

World Trade Center Disaster 911

The AmCoach set up by the one lane exit


TransAlive served coffee & passed out gloves


The drivers were appreciative we were there

Trucks going back to Ground Zero





Women truck drivers were represented as well


Drivers were proud of their Pennzoil gloves


Debris coming out of the WTC was incredible


I-Beams were approx 4" thick by 18"


Death was evident in all the twisted metal


Hundreds of cars were damaged


These cars were not claimed from garages


Posters were everywhere for the missing


Prayer grams were posted throughout the city


The trucks kept coming!

German press interviews Bob Hataway


Smiles made it all worthwhile!


Bob and Carol Hataway left for New York City September 24th arriving Friday the 28th of September.  He and Carol set up near a landfill area on Staten Island where the debris was being brought from the WTC.


Each truck leaving the landfill area had to go right by the AmCoach as there was only a one lane exit.  Bob and Carol spent 6 days with the drivers and visited the city one day when it rained.


Bob said, “It was a tremendous experience to work with the drivers.  For the first few days, they seemed to be in a trance as they came through our area, but they began to accept us by the 3rd day."


Drivers said that the pile captivated them every time they went for a load.  They could not believe it nor take their eyes from it.


Bob and Carol provided them with work gloves from Pennzoil, inspirational tapes from Hope Haulers in Nashville, and coffee provided by Werner Enterprises, J J Keller, and Class 8 Flooring.  PathMark Food Stores in Staten Island donated apples.  Everyone wanted to give the drivers something to brighten their day as they came in and out of the landfill area.


New York has been brought to its knees by this devastating attack.   The streets that usually have great numbers of people were deserted.  There was an eerie quietness as you heard only muffled voices talking and an occasional siren.  At one point Bob and Carol were the only two people on a usually crowded section of Broadway near the WTC area.


He reported that the devastation of the WTC area was totally unbelievable -- an entire corporate complex just leveled with nothing but a pile of rubble left.  Death was evident everywhere from the abandoned cars to the twisted metal.


When they located new victims, everything stopped until the remains were properly handled.  There was an awesome reverence surrounding the work site.


Hataway went on to state that in the midst of the doom and gloom there is an even greater air of optimism.  The spirits of the local drivers were high.  They knew that they will come back as a city and that they would be a significant part of the rebuilding team.  They dutifully carried out their respective tasks.


TransAlive USA through its Disaster Program represented the transportation industry and was directly involved with helping the drivers working the World Trade Center Ground Zero.


TransAlive USA founded by Bob Hataway in 1984 is a non-profit organization providing crisis intervention for truckers.  They operate through 100,000 volunteers who cover every zip code across the country.


The AmCoach is a 1984 Eagle motor coach that can be configured for the drivers comfort along with a bathroom, kitchen facilities and a driver’s lounge area for the family that travels with the driver.


Bob Hataway is a Chaplain endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention through the North American Mission Board and is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.


Hataway called for prayer for the many drivers who are still working and will be working for many months to come in clearing the debris from the World Trade Center in New York City in the year 2001. 


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