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This fictional account of the Johnson family and any institutions, businesses and/or business acquaintances along with any governmental agencies and/or governing bodies are merely coincidental and the names do not reflect actual people and/or their circumstances. They are derived for the sole purpose of your enjoyment in providing a fictional narrative.


Further locations carry actual names, but in no way allude to actual settings and are used only for subject function to coordinate the setting for the fictional narrative.


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Family Defined

Family Devastated

Family Dilemma

Family Destined

Family Disturbed

Family Decision

Family Disbursed

Family Diminished

Family Diversified

Family Divided

Family Demands

Family Deception

Family Disengaged

Family Dissolves

Family Defiant

Family Defused

Family Distressed

Family Distraught

Family Demeaned

Family Defended

Family Desired

Family Deranged

Family Distinguished

Family Described

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