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In 1975, Bob Hataway was serving as a local pastor in Hillsboro, TX. He was also a undergraduate student at TruckAccident.jpgSouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and traveled between Fort Worth and Hillsboro every day.


One day traveling from Fort Worth, Bob Hataway heard on the CB radio about an accident on I-35. He went to the accident scene; however, fire, police, and emergency crews had already sent the driver to the local hospital. Bob went to the hospital to give the driver assistance and support.


Joseph Traylor, the driver, underwent three major surgeries over the next 8 weeks. Bob and his wife, Carol, helped Joe and his wife cope with the injuries, deal with the trauma of hospital life, and give perspective to a new life with a new career. When Joe was well enough to travel, he was air transported to Indianapolis, IN. 

Bob was moved by what had been done for Joe Traylor. There had been many people who got involved with Joe while he was in Hillsboro, TX.


11Office.gifBob began to visualize the needs of drivers like Joe Traylor who needed help across the country. He was not some super hero, but he knew that people have an innate desire to help their fellow man when he/she has problems beyond their ability to handle. The reason people do not help is that they are not aware of the problem. Developing a plan of notification to the right people became Bob's goal for the industry.

The plan was simple the process was difficult. A driver would have a need and there would not be a volunteer. Volunteers would became disenchanted with nothing to do in their area. However, as people began to understand and understanding companies allowed Bob to fail. But with every passing day, the organization took on a solid foundation as needs were met for drivers and their families.


J B Hunt Transport, Inc joined with Bob in 1987 to help him firmly establish his plan in place within the industry. They recognized the need and knew he had a solution. He put his plan into action with them and took himself completely off the market for 6 months.


For those months, he worked only J B Hunt cases. He wanted to prove to J B Hunt Transport, Inc and to himself that what he said that he could do, he could do. Success was the end result.


At the end of the period, he confidently began to market his plan to other carriers and owner operators. The start of a nationwide program for drivers and their families was set in motion.


Today, over 100,000 volunteers covering all zip codes across America stand ready to assist drivers. Over 130 companies representing over 250,000 drivers use his services to assist their drivers and their families.

As Bob states "It is only a drop in a bucket, and the bucket seems to have a leak, but it is a great start!" With the help of a greater power than himself, those concerned companies who care about their drivers, and his super volunteers meet needs of drivers and their families.


Drivers are pleased to know that someone like Bob is out there for them.

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TransAlive USA provides medical evacuation when travel needs are greater than standard modes, i.e. commercial plane, train, or bus. Traveling public members with critical medical needs are transported to and from airports by ambulance. They are then flown to the destination of choice.


Doctors and nurses are provided for critical medical evacuations.  As a member, all of these expenses are provided free. Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Commercial fees for medical evacuations can run between $50,000 and $75,000.  Air Ambulance program driver memberships are only $240 per year. Family memberships are available for $335 per year. Rates subject to change. Call for confirmation.


All services are free to members. Membership is required for the Air Ambulance.


For memberships call cell phone number 817-320-0567 for more information and to enroll by phone.

You will receive an email enrollment confirmation until you receive your official membership packet in the mail.


Thank you for becoming a Frequent Mile Marker Challenger.




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