TransAlive Brings Relief
for the Joplin Tornado 2011

Joplin, MO -- Before and After
Homes were lost!

                             Total devastation!
The natural power of wind is enormous!

                           The devastation is unbelievable!
One trailer donations from Fort Worth TX

                             Volunteers were in abundance!

Two trailers from St Louis by Con-way!

 An 18 wheel tractor wrapped around a tree!
Volunteer crew from FBC Fort Worth

                         This church was gutted entirely!
Devastation left nothing undestroyed!

The devastation continued for 7 miles!
Some areas appearance was like a giant vacuum!

A hospital was destroyed!
Totally unexplainable!

No need for glasses to see the devastation!

Bob Hataway immediately dispatched the AmCoach to Joplin upon hearing the devastating news of the horrible tornado that had occurred.  The end result was over 150 people were killed, 1000s of homes destroyed, and the area was totally ravaged one mile wide and 14 miles long.


Hataway coordinated 4 clean-up crews with the AmCoach providing lodging, food, and transportation.  Three trailers of donated product were delivered to Joplin.  Two trailers from the St Louis area while one trailer came from Hataway’s home church in Fort Worth, TX.


Bob worked and coordinated the donations and work crews through Truckers Charity - Illinois, Samaritan’s Purse - North Carolina, First Baptist Church - Fort Worth, the Salvation Army - USA, and the Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin.


Bob noted, “The volunteers were beyond belief.  With the heat plowing down on them as they worked, it seemed impossible, but they pursued with great vigor.  It truly was a testimony of the care and concern for hurting people and their desire to reach out!”


TransAlive USA is a non-profit organization providing crisis intervention for truckers founded by Bob Hataway in 1984.  They operate through 100,000 volunteers who cover every zip code across the country.


Bob Hataway is a Chaplain endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention through the North American Mission Board and is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft Worth, TX.


Hataway called for prayer for the many drivers who are still working and will be working for many months to come in clearing the debris from the Joplin Tornado. 


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