Chapter III  Setting up the Road


As was the custom on the choir trips, a musical presentation is prepared by our choirs for host churches across the country.  According to the schedule, we arrive in the afternoon; the boys make the equipment set-up; and the host church prepares an evening meal.  Folks start arriving in the early evening for the presentation.


ChurchTravel.gifAfterwards, with a pre-arranged assignment list, the kids are divided among the host church members to spend the night; have breakfast; and be back at the church the next morning.  Departure time is based on miles to be traveled to the next location.


When we reach our tour destination point, things changed.  Back-yard Bible studies assist a mission church or a church struggling to get started.  Local churches do not have enough folks to accommodate the kids each evening so housing arrangements are made apart from the host church.  Motels, camp grounds, and near-by cabins usually fill the bill.


Prior to leaving on the tour, the senior high choir conducted a back-yard Bible study in Euless that prepares them for the destination host church.  Little is left unplanned and the kids carry out their assigned task eagerly, with expertise, and a true love for the children.  They canvas the area for young people, and conduct the Bible study according to the plan.


This same energy goes beyond the home church to the host church.  There the kids are assigned specific areas to canvas and recruit others for the host church back-yard Bible study groups.  The senior choir members become dedicated to their assigned neighborhoods.  Frequently friendships are made that last well beyond the tour. and chaperons accompany different groups each day to monitor their activities.  With the assignments they are given, it is not necessary to supervise them.  The chaperons choose to visit and share the Gospel with the adults in the area.


The church coach drivers and I familiarize ourselves with the area.  The mechanical beasts always need something.  We locate fuel and places for service.  Plus we investigate our assigned routes for the best route to get the kids to their respective areas each morning.


It is a joy to see the kids’ board the coach each morning.  They are ready for the day and talking about what they are going to be doing.  The excitement can be overwhelming as they recognize they are being used by God to reach others for His kingdom.


And when you pick them up after the morning sessions, they are keyed up with joy over a young child who accepted Christ.  There is also a new enthusiasm for a new group of kids that attended for the first time.  There is nothing greater than seeing young people who love the Lord and love serving Him.


The afternoons are free to do as they wish.  Most of them sleep; lay in the sun; read books or plan for the next day.  No, you know that is not true with kids on a trip away from home.  They entertain themselves to their hearts delight when they have free time. chaperons plan full use of the host church kitchen.  They plan ahead for the meals for each day at the destination point for back-yard Bible studies.  There is always that one person who knows how to take charge. 


The meals are planned and the tasks for the other chaperons are assigned.  Everything needed is prepared or purchased for the meals.  They are great cooks – they know their business.


You could easily tell choir trips are not Robert’s first ministry projects.  It is a great time of fellowship.  It is made more pleasant by the planning that goes into making it a success.


The senior high choir trip destination for this summer is Hagerstown, MD.  The First Euless senior high will conduct a back-yard Bible study for the kids in the neighborhood.


With the intermediate out of the way via points such as Jonesboro, AR, Glasgow, KY, and Washington, DC – the trip is easily over 2,000 miles one way.    Leaving on June 30, places us in Washington DC on Friday, July 4th.  Plus we were going to be spending 4 days in Hagerstown with the back-yard Bible study groups


The first stop was Jonesboro, AR.  There they would give a choir presentation and spend the night.  Glasgow, KY was the second via point scheduled for the next day and we were to spend the night there.  We would then go to Alexandria, VA for a choir presentation and spend the night.


The next day was scheduled to arrive in the Washington, DC area.  The youth are excited to visit our nation’s capitol.  Robert had arranged for the choir to make a music presentation on July 3rd at the Pentagon.


11pentagon.gifIn the afternoon, he arranged a presentation in the Russell Senate Building.  We also scheduled a driving tour of DC pointing out the monuments.


The next day included a free day on the Washington National Mall for July 4th.  The kids and chaperons would be turned loose to pursue their interest from monuments to the Whitehouse.  It would be both interesting and educational.


The group would meet in the afternoon near the center of the National Mall for a musical presentation by the military band.  Since the military bands rotated, the Air Force Band was scheduled for the day we would be there.


The National Mall fireworks show shortly after dark is a highlight of the day.  The choir remained on the Mall for the fireworks show.


Front view of the Russell Senate Office Building at night.Afterwards, the choir moves to Hagerstown for settling in for week of back-yard Bible studies.  It makes for a full day and the kids would be tired, but they would be given the next day to recuperate.


On Sunday, they would be divided with assigned areas of responsibility to develop their groups for back-yard Bible study for the next week.  The coaches deliver them to their assigned areas where they canvas for the next day back-yard Bible study groups.


The return trip schedule back to Euless had intermediate stops at churches along the way as we did getting to Hagerstown.  One of the highlights going home included the Chick-fil-A headquarters just south of Atlanta, GA.


We planned the BackStage tour including visiting with Truett Cathy, CEO and Christian leader of Chick-fil-A.  Mr. Cathy passed away in 2014, but at this time, he was vigorous and ruling like a monarch over his domain.


Also the return trip included Six Flags over Georgia for a day at the amusement park.  The balance of the trip covers churches along the I-20 corridor for the return trip to Euless.