Chapter XIVThe Secular Road Turned Spiritual


A spiritual being touched me!


That will wake you up!Going up I-81 toward Staunton and Strasburg, VA, sleep was not a problem after the experience.I was flooded with the love of God and His desire to see the choir succeed.My heart was surging at 70 mph.


I have often reflected back on the experience.I was glad that first, the end result was not what it could have been and, second, that I would never want to put God in that position again.


God is with us and He will protect His children, but as was the case with Jesus in the temptation experience, you do not want to tempt the Lord your God directly or indirectly. have often reflected back on some of the kids that were with us on the choir tour.Not to mention the staff members who were already serving God at First Euless.


Robert, the leader of the choir and minister of music, went on to Lifeway, the SBC Sunday School Board in Nashville, to work with the Southern Baptist Convention.


Several intern ministers went on to become full time ministers in local churches.Staff members were already committed, but it was the kids that were of most interest to me.I just knew that based on what God did, that there were some very special people who would go on to accomplish great things in His kingdom.


Some of the boys did go into full time ministry to become youth ministers, mission ministers, pastors, and evangelists.Some of the girls entered the music ministry doing solo work.God had gifted them with great music talent. is not to imply that the kids were saved on the coach just because God was going to use a few of them in the ministry.All the kids were important to Him whether they became lawyers, doctors, factory workers, or as in my case a part time charter bus driver.


Coming from a ministry position, however, I had a particular interest in the ones that entered the ministry.Probably the greatest surprise for me to see someone on the coach go into full time ministry was my little hyperactive 10 year old, Mark.


He and his future wife, Liz, worked with the youth at First Euless.Then Mark worked with me in the ministry for a short time while attending a junior college in Humble, TX.


Mark and Liz got married at First Euless while serving there.She had already received her degree and worked while Mark continued his education.She attended seminary working on her Masterís in Religious Education.


Later she and Mark were recruited by Campus Crusade in Orlando, FL and they moved to Florida.They started their family with their first daughter.Autumn was born in Florida.After a few years, they moved back to Texas for Mark to attend junior college again.While in Texas, Jude, their son was born.


Mark and Liz again took their family to Orlando, FL to join Campus Crusade.It was there that they got involved with a local church.As a natural progression of ministry, Mark and Liz went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on a mission trip with the church. hearts were touched with the work in Brazil and they volunteered for full time ministry as evangelists to Brazil.They gathered up their little family and moved to Rio de Janeiro.While serving there they had their third child, Isabella.


Carol and I had mixed emotions about them going to Brazil for obvious reasons.We wanted to be near them and to see our grandkids grow up.


We were afraid they would come back and not know us, or they would be speaking Portuguese.We were afraid they would not be comfortable in the states.


Plus they were 5,000 miles from us.It was not like driving across town to visit with them but many months would have to go into the planning if we could indeed visit with them.


Looking back at the kids on the coach including Mark, I was so convinced that God was going to use all of these young people.It never occurred that He was protecting me as well.Thank God we were not circumvented from His purpose by finding ourselves scattered across a ravine on the side of I-81 in Virginia.


With the sun coming up and turning the darkness into light, it became easier to drive.We turned east at Strasburg toward Alexandria.Prior to leaving Strasburg, we stopped for breakfast for the choir. chose to stay with the coach and got an hour of sleep while the choir had breakfast.I moved back to the first row of seats and curled over and went to sleep.


It has been said that you can power nap by remaining in the driverís seat.You lay your arms over the steering wheel and placing your head on your arms.


Some companies encourage their drivers to power nap this way.The circulation is cut off to your arms within 20 minutes and it will awaken you.


The driverís seat, however, is your place of work.You never want your body to confuse your place of work as a place to sleep.It is better to always remove yourself from the driverís seat for sleeping or power napping.


Robert went with the choir for breakfast.While at breakfast, he called ahead and made arrangements with a local motel in the Alexandria area for the choir to take showers.They would need to prepare for the evening presentation.


The boys let me take my shower first when we arrived at the motel.Afterwards I went to sleep while they took their showers.For rowdy boys, they were quiet in the room.It could be they were respecting my need for sleep.


Everyone got their showers.The girls got their hair fixed.The choir was ready to travel within 3 hours.I had gotten a sufficient amount of sleep and I was ready to get the choir to the church for the choir presentation that evening.


church.gifWe did have an unusual event on the church parking lot.We had a girl that was shy and easily embarrassed on the coach.She waited until everyone had unloaded to use the restroom facilities.


Earlier she had inquired from one of the girls how to flush the system not knowing it was a drop system.One of the girls thought it would be a good prank to tell her to pull the valve that was behind the commode.


That valve was for me to clean the system by dumping the holding tank.It was not to flush the system.So when she was finished, she pulled the valve.


It dumped the entire system on the church parking lot.We had to hustle with water hoses to get the parking lot cleaned.People were starting to arrive.There is never a dull moment for senior high choir trips.


The kids were assigned with the church families after the choir presentation and Carol and I along with Mark went to the motel for the evening.Needless to say, I was gone as soon as my head hit the pillow.I had even tried to thank God for the protecting us, but was not sure I had finished with the prayer before falling to sleep.