Provoked by an Angel

Ps 91:9-11




Ps 91:9-12,   If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling, 10 no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.  11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways …” NIV


EmailBanner-CIA.gifIt was the summer of 1986.  School had dismissed for the summer break.  Carol, my wife, and I had started a TransAlive USA ministry for truckers nationwide.  It had been difficult getting it off the ground.  You did not always have the resources you needed.  Or families had needs the ministry was not providing at the moment.


It seemed that God wanted to know if we were serious about our commitment to His ministry before He released His full blessings on His endeavor through us.  And it also seemed He wanted us to know that we needed to learn to depend upon Him for everything we did through the ministry.  It was not our sponsors who were doing it; it was God working through them.


While raising funds to support the family and the ministry effort I had signed on with Overland Stage Company, a charter bus company in Fort Worth.  I was a part-time driver for them.  Prior to working with them, I had driven for other charter companies in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.


I actually started with Overland Stage in November, 1985 the previous year just before Thanksgiving.  My first dispatch was a ski trip to Colorado over the holidays.  I needed the money so I accepted the charter.  It meant being away from home on Thanksgiving, but it was food for the family for the next month.


The ski trips were divided into two legs.  Ski trips to Colorado had too many miles for one driver to pull straight through.  The first leg was from Fort Worth/Dallas to Amarillo, TX.  There you met your relief driver.  The first leg driver called about 30 minutes out to awaken second leg driver before arrival. 


COSkiSlopes.gifThe second leg was from Amarillo to the ski areas in Colorado i.e. Winter Park, Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail or points in between with snow.


The company flew the second leg drivers to Amarillo; they checked into a motel room with two beds – one used by second leg driver until first leg driver got there.  The other bed was used by the first leg driver when he arrived.


The second leg driver went on to Colorado through the night.  The first leg driver flew back to Fort Worth the next morning.  Many times, the second leg driver would be in Colorado with the skiers on the slopes before the first leg driver got back to Fort Worth.


Usually the ski charters had more miles than one driver could drive legally in one day.  This practice – known as platoon driving – is common for companies to cover charters going straight through.


Overland Stage used only sleeper coaches and the charter group slept while we drove.  They were not aware of the switching of drivers and were concerned only with being on the slopes the next morning.


I was considered a ‘hill driver’ due to my experience and I was always assigned the second leg of the trip.  I did not mind though it meant driving through the night.


With the rest prior to the coach getting to Amarillo, was not that difficult.  And the time change gave you another hour to get your charter group to the slopes by 8 AM the next morning.