Darryle Dunks, DMin


"After That …” is a book about life.  Author, Bob Hataway,  uses his personal response to the traumatic events of 9-11-01 to remind us what God can do through us when we stop trying to tell God what to do and we pause to "look" and to get in on what God is doing.


Bob sensitively reminds us how God works, even in tragedy, to accomplish His purposes.  He then transitions from the epic (a particular period of time) of 9-11-01, to the epic of our lives.  It is important to know that there is an "after that …" for each of us personally and how to respond in faith to Jesus Christ.


I have known Bob and Carol as their pastor and friend for 38 years.  I was with him while he, as a very successful business man, struggled with the truths in this book concerning life and as he redirected his life toward God.


We learned together how to witness and to share our faith in Jesus Christ, which he continues to do daily, and in special ways like "After That …".


"After That …" will be a very effective tool for ministry for Bob, for TransAlive and for all who will share it with those who need to know "After That …".


Darryle Dunks, DMin, Minister Pastoral Care, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, TX


Cover Painting

In God Hands

Danny Hahlbohm


Danny Hahlbohm world renown artist has produced hundreds of reproductions of his work in limited edition prints, and gift items of his inspired Christian artwork . You can check out all of Danny’s new releases as well as a personal message from the artist himself.


I would to express my appreciation to Danny Hahlbohm for allowing us to use his painting In God’s Hands that he painted in the aftermath of the 9-11 tragedy.  His willingness to grant us permission to use the painting when this is how he makes his livelihood is beyond comprehension and for this we are eternally appreciative.


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