Date:  February 10, 2014

Press Release: Immediate Release

Contact Person: Bob Hataway 817-320-0567

15th Annual National Day of Prayer for Truckers 2014

Chaplain Joe Hunter


The 15th Annual National Day of Prayer for Truckers will be conducted March 29, 2014 at the Truckers Pavilion located in the Papa John Stadium parking lot in Louisville, KY at 6:00PM.


The program will be presented in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. Shuttle buses will operate between the Truckers Pavilion in the parking lot and the exhibition halls.


Joe Hunter, President of TruckStop Ministries, will voice the prayer. Chaplain Joe is heard daily on the Dave Nemo Truckers show on XM Radio.  His Chaplains and Trucker Chapels are in truck stops nationwide and have provided spiritual guidance to truckers.


Tony Justice will present special music.  Tony Justice has been an over the road trucker for 14 years as a second generation truck driver.


His most recent album, “On the Road,” is distributed at major truck stop chains, from Travel Centers of America to Pilot/Flying J.  His music is also available online at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and his website  His music career is moving up.

Tony Justice


Travel Centers of America/Petro introduced the “Justice Burger,” named in his honor.  “It’s cool,” Justice said of the burger, which comes with a free sampling of his new album for those who try it. “It’s a great idea.”

Bob Hataway

Bob Hataway, President of TransAlive USA, will serve as MC. Hataway stated, "It is an honor to be involved with the National Day of Prayer for Truckers each year.  With the economy, and the weather conditions, truckers need our prayer constantly."

Sixteen years ago Bob Hataway and Joe Hunter met at the Mid America Trucking Show and planned the first National Day of Prayer for Truckers. It has now grown to include truckers worldwide.  Hataway stated, "With 21st century internet technology, we can now include all drivers."


Each year, at the National Day of Prayer for Truckers, we acknowledge those who make a difference in the industry.  We can never say enough about those who seek to help drivers and their families.

Jerry & Jewel Lusher

Dorothy Cox

Dorothy Cox, as a writer for 15 years with The Trucker Newspaper, has promoted the image of drivers.  She has worked tirelessly with Truckers Against Trafficking and in her spare time writes and records gospel music.


We will also recognize Jerry and Jewel Lusher for their service to drivers and their families as well.  The Lusher’s serve as ambassadors for TruckStop Ministries visiting the chapels located in truck stops across the country. 


They have used their music talent sharing in concerts, chapel services, and ministering one on one with drivers.  They travel 1000s of miles each year serving the industry.

Candy Bass

National Day of Prayer for Truckers is also recognizing Candy Bass, an owner operator for over 40 years.  Candy has worked as a driver and given of her time to ensure the role for women in trucking.  She has equally worked tirelessly with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the cure for breast cancer.


We invite truckers who cannot attend to stop for a moment at 6:00PM, their local time, to pray for truckers and their families. Prayers offered at local times across the country will ensure prayers throughout the evening.

We encourage carriers, trucking companies, company drivers, owner operators, vendors, truck stops, receivers, and shippers to set aside a moment of silence at 6:00PM on March 29, 2013 for prayer for truckers and their families.


Exhibitors at MATS are encouraged to join the National Day of Prayer for Truckers at the Truckers Pavilion at Papa John Stadium parking lot. Shuttle buses are available between the pavilion and the exhibition halls.


The National Day of Prayer for Truckers is sponsored by TransAlive USA, TruckStop Ministries Inc, Transport for Christ, and Tim Young, CEO Mid-America Trucking Show/EMA in Louisville, KY.


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